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Long Hollow Cattle Company

When Matthew Balliet’s Great, Great, Grandfather William Saam settled on a small farm in the Eastern part of the beautiful Conyngham Valley in 1888, he could have never imagined the land would be roamed by nearly 200 horsepower diesel tractors and combines that stand nearly as tall as the old barn, but 5 generations later, Matthew lives in that same house on a farm that has handed down from father to son to nephew to son and is now owned by his Uncle Thomas Schaeffer.

In 1998 Matthew purchased a farm some 20 miles west of the family homestead in the beautiful Long Hollow of Beaver Township, Columbia County where he began farming full time. The first person in the family to do so since his Great Uncle Conrad Saam, Matthew primarily grew feed grains and hay on over 750 acres of rented and owned land for the first few years but began raising a handful of beef cattle for friends and relatives shortly after the turn of the century.

In 2011 the decision was made to realign the structure of the farm, transforming it from a grain, and custom combining operation to concentrating heavily on high quality, naturally raised, cattle production and the Long Hollow Cattle Co., LLC was created. While the name is new, the nearly 125 years of history remains unbroken. Continuing that 6 generation tradition into the future by taking an active role in caring for the cattle, is Matthew’s 8 year old son Jacob. Named after his Great, Great Grandfather Jacob Schaeffer, the youngest generation to walk these fields shows an endless excitement for agriculture and the cattle.

Long Hollow Cattle Company is a family-owned business that specializes in the production of high quality Herford and Angus cattle in Northeast Pennsylvania.